Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I find out what songs and artists I'm hearing on KOQX? Do you publish the playlist?
A1. The track currently playing is at the bottom of every page on the KOQX website, however KOQX uses the Shoutcast server, which does stream title and artist information for every track we play. Not all players support the full range of features that the Shoutcast server provides. Recommended players are:

    Windows users should use Winamp
    Mac users should use iTunes
    Linux/X-window users should use xmms

These are the players recommended by Shoutcast, although the stream will play in most audio players.
KOQX does not provide end user support for audio players. Consult the documentation for your particular player. More information is available at the Shoutcast support site.

Q2. I have a blues band, will KOQX play my music?
A2. If your music is your original work (you own the rights) and it fits our format, we will be glad
to play it with your express permission. Send us an email and if possible, include a link to samples
of your work. We'll get back to you regarding submitting copies of your work for adding to our playlist!

Q3. Can I listen to KOQX on my smartphone?
A3. You can listen to KOQX on most 3G or 4G smartphones. On iPhones, just click on the "Listen To KOQX" that webmaster The Cat has placed near the top left of all the KOQX webpages. For Palm Pre
and Pre Plus, click on the Palm logo right under the Listen To KOQX image. Clicking on the Palm logo will also open the audio stream on many computers and other devices as well. Try that if none of the other links work for you.

On the Blackberry smartphone you will need to download a "Shoutcast" application from the Blackberry App World and on the Android phone you will need Winamp for Android (available free here or another Shoutcast capable player.

Q4. I was listening to KOQX and now I can't access the audio server.
A4. Don't rip the stream. KOQX aggressively discourages streamrippers. To be safe, we suggest you use one of the recommended audio players (see Q1). Listeners that connect with known streamripping software will be banned from access to the stream.

Q5. How much data will I transfer listening to KOQX?
A5. Listening to KOQX will consume approximately 1MB per minute (60MB per hour or about 1GB per 24 hours) of listening time. So if you have a 2GB data plan and stay connected constantly, you will use your entire data allotment in 2 days and would use approximately 30GB per month if you stayed connected 24x7. On most smartphone dataplans, that would be a significant cost, so be sure to check with your carrier on your data plan costs and limits and disconnect when you are finished listening. KOQX is not responsible for the costs incurred on a wireless or any other dataplan.



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