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Occasionally, KOQX receives requests asking. "Can I list KOQX in my online music directory or link on my website?" Our answer is "yes" as long as you DO NOT CHARGE to listen.

KOQX has decided to make it easier on those requesting the KOQX logo and links by supplying them.

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To download the KOQX logo, click and drag the logo on this page and drop it to your desktop.


Preferred link for all players that support m3u playlists:

Preferred link for all other players:


Links for specific audio players:


Windows Media Player:

Real Time Player:

Quick Time Player:

For wifi radios: port 8420

For wifi radios that require an IP address instead of DNS: port 8420
WARNING: This is the least desireable option, as host names will not change, but the IP address might. If you have problems connecting with your wifi radio, please check to make sure the IP address is correct and check here to see if it has changed.



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